September 24, 2020: IRES Faculty Seminar with Areef Abraham

IRES Seminar Series

Time: 12:30pm to 1:30pm (every Thursday)

Via Zoom

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My 30-year journey (with bumps and breakdowns on the way)

Areef has worked for over three decades with underserved communities who struggle to pay their energy bills. This presentation will discuss how and why it all began, and the successes and pitfalls he experienced along the way. Areef’s learned experience speaks to the importance of working effectively at the interface of communities, governments and tradespeople to improve outcomes for all.

Today Areef’s family business, Kambo Energy Group, is a 40+ person equity-based social enterprise run by his children—all of whom are UBC alumni. Through its two main programs—Empower Me and Community Power—Kambo Energy Group works with Indigenous Nations, lower income households, immigrants, and new Canadians with an aim to provide energy solutions for all.

Areef Abraham

President & CEO at Community Power and Director at Kambo Green Solutions


Areef is a natural community collaborator who has had led a rich career helping clients move from ideas to on-the-ground action. As a mechanical engineer, he has dedicated the past 30+ years of experience in energy efficiency sectors in North America and across the UK.

Areef is the Founder of Kambo Energy Group, a social enterprise which encompasses two divisions – Community Power and Empower Me. Community Power works with First Nations and other underserved groups to manage and reduce energy costs. Empower Me focuses on providing in-language energy education by community mentors to newcomers and immigrants.

Areef’s overriding business philosophy is to focus on what matters, and to matter you need to execute.