December 1, 2022: IRES Faculty Seminar with Sara Knox (Last Seminar in Term 1)

Join our Faculty Speaker Sara Knox as she talks about wetlands in a changing world.

November 24, 2022: IRES Student Seminar with Susanna Klassen and Taya Triffo

Join our two student speakers Susanna Klassen and Taya Triffo as they talk about agriculture and green infrastructure planning!

November 17, 2022: IRES Faculty Seminar with Sara Ghebremusse

An IRES Faculty Seminar with Sara Ghebremusse where she talks about corporate control over human rights.

October 27, 2022: IRES Faculty Seminar with Shashidharan Enarth

Join faculty speaker Shashidharan Enarth as he talks about agriculture policy reforms in India.

October 20, 2022: IRES Professional Development Seminar with Chelsey Armstrong

Join Chelsey Armstrong as she talks about an archaeological perspective and anti-colonial approach to forest history.

Details for CoSphere's Webinar on September 8th at 3pm PT are shown on a teal background with an image of Kai Chan, who is the speaker.

Webinar: Backing youth leaders to #UnleashValues

For system change to confront the Climate-and-Ecological Crisis. In response to a culture that suppresses transformative efforts and visions, we need to #UnleashValues for a sustainable future. Join a webinar hosted by CoSphere to learn how easy it can be to amplify pro-sustainability values!

October 13, 2022: IRES Faculty Seminar with Jessica Seddon

Join Jessica Seddon as she talks about science foundations for governing solar radiation management!

October 6, 2022: IRES Faculty Seminar with Miranda Böttcher

Join faculty speaker Miranda Böttcher as she talks about assessing mCDR in Germany.

September 29, 2022: IRES Professional Development Seminar with Henry Lai

Join Henry Lai in our IRES Professional Development Seminar talking about health and wellbeing!

September 22, 2022: IRES Faculty Seminar with Tongli Wang

Join Faculty Speaker Tongli Wang where he talks about climate and ecological models for forest adaptation to climate change.

September 15, 2022: IRES Student Seminar with Diana Bedolla López

IRES Seminar Series continues with student speaker Diana Bedolla López

September 8, 2022: IRES Faculty Seminar with Lisa Westerhoff (First Seminar in Term 1)

Join us for our first IRES Seminar of the year with Lisa Westerhoff!

The Race to Zero: Universities Working to Catalyze Climate Action | June 23, 2022

The University Climate Change Coalition (UC3) Vancouver Summit invites you to join for an evening panel discussion asking the question, “How do we use the resources and influence of universities to catalyze partnerships and innovation for accelerated climate action across industry, government and greater society?” The panel will examine this question from several scales, including the campus, regional, and global scale.

Institution-led Social Reform and Justice: Modernizing Gender Expression on Government-Issued ID

The current policies for gender expression on BC government-issued ID are an example of a decade long effort in behavioural, intellectual and social change management. Join SPPGA Adjunct Professor Natasha Thambirajah, Dr. Daniel L Metzger, and Parliamentary Secretary for Gender Equity Grace Lore for an inside view on the evidence-based, change management, and stakeholder engagement practices used to gradually shift the BC health sector and provincial government towards recognizing the criticality of recognizing rights of people who are transgender or gender non-conforming to express their gender identity with minimal or no state or medical intervention.

April 27, 2022: IRES Special Seminar with Alain Nadaï

The urgent need to prevent the worst effects of climate change and to preserve a habitable earth is widely recognized. The massive shift to non-fossil forms of energy, so-called renewables, confronts us with (new) pulsations of ecosystems (wind speed, solar radiation, ocean currents) and the need to install infrastructure in a myriad of new environments. This changes our relation to energy and the environment, and raises questions of acceptance in many countries.

Potential for parks and protected areas to leverage transformative system change for sustainability | Webinar with Kai Chan | Canadian Park Collective & CoSphere

On April 7th, Dr. Kai Chan will speak at a webinar hosted by the Canadian Park Collective about the potential for parks and protected areas to leverage transformative system change for sustainability. The Canadian Parks Collected has partnered with CoSphere, a new platform led by Kai and his group. Learn more about CoSphere here.

Launch of CoSphere: a platform for changing our systems for a more sustainable planet

CoSphere, a project by Dr. Kai Chan and partners like the David Suzuki Foundation, unites a diverse community and equips them with the tools to effect system change. On March 14th, join CoSphere at!

March 10, 2022: The Human Right to a Non-Toxic Environment

IRES/SPPGA professor and UN Special Rapporteur Dr. David Boyd is set to present his report (, 6th in a series shown above) on the right to a nontoxic environment to the UN Human Rights Council on March 10th.

March 3, 2022: IRES Student Seminar with Celeste Pomerantz and Atlanta-Marinna Grant

Two students talk about "Decarbonizing Canada’s Remote and Off-Grid Communities: Assessing the feasibility of Implementing Energy Storage Technologies to Reduce Fossil Fuel Dependency" and "From Food ‘Waste’ to Food ‘Cycle’: biocultural heritage and the sharing of oral histories for secure and sovereign communities."

March 17, 2022: IRES Student Seminar with Georgia Green and Justin Huynh

Two Students talk about "Characterizing Diverging Perspectives of Relevance for Chemicals Policy" and "Predicting the Impact of Minerals for a Low-Carbon Energy Transition"