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What Denver can learn from universal basic income tests in U.S. and Canada

May 11, 2021: Denver Post mentioned a research initiative by UBC and Foundations for Social Change, where Dr. Jiaying Zhao led the research team, that found a positive impact of giving direct cash transfers to homeless individuals.

June 10: 25 years after Our Stolen Future: What have we learned about endocrine disruption?

Dr. Gunilla Öberg will be one of five panelists discussing analytical approaches, challenges and future directions of EDC exposure. The webinar is hosted by Society of Toxicology of Canada (STC) and in partnership with Centre intersectoriel d'analyse des perturbateurs endocriniens (ICEDA).

May 17-21: Water Politics Week

Join Prof. Leila Harris for the Water Politics Week (May 17-21, 2021), which offers public lectures by renowned scholars on water politics, and a PhD/Master course! The Water Politics week will take place in an online format.

How small-scale seafood supply chains adapt to COVID-19 disruptions

April 30, 2021: Dr. Sahir Advani, a postdoctoral research fellow at IRES, co-wrote about initial pandemic impacts and responses across small-scale seafood supply chains across the world.

India’s deepening water crisis at the heart of farm protests

April 28, 2021: Balsher Singh Sidhu, PhD student at IRES, gave comments about groundwater depletion in India and said small farmers spend increasingly more money to pump water for their crops and this is widening inequity.

‘War means blood’: Can a treaty stop Latin American activists being killed?

April 19, 2021: Dr. David Boyd was quoted in Reuters saying that the “groundbreaking” treaty could be “a life-saving game changer”.

When It Comes To Climate Change, Biases Affect Everyone

When communicating about climate change, the same information that draws the attention of certain groups can fail to pique the attention of others. For Wyoming Public Media, Dr. Jiaying Zhao explains that “a fact like ‘2020 was the hottest year in history, tied with 2016’ … is going to draw the attention of liberals but […]

The ongoing search for the perfect climate change metaphor

April 16, 2021: Dr. Kai Chan told CBC that scientists need to be much more in touch with their emotions and values, and ask themselves whether their actions are consistent with that emotion.

‘Seaspiracy’: Netflix Doc Got You Down? Here’s How to Cope, and Help.

April 8, 2021: Livekindly quoted Dr. Jiaying Zhao about her research on attentional and perceptual biases of climate change. Her study suggests framing the consequences of climate change to align with a specific group’s values and cognitive processes.

Chocolate might melt out of memory if we don’t protect pollinators, ecologist warns

April 6, 2021: After Easter weekend, Dr. Claire Kremen spoke with CBC to remind us that chocolate comes from cacao, the flowers of which have to be visited by a tiny fly for pollination.

What’s that Smell? As Weather Warms, So Does a Perennial East Van Debate

March 30, 2021: Dr. Amanda Giang explains to The Tyee that smell is incredibly personal and can impact well-being. Her comments add to the perennial concerns raised by residents of Vancouver’s Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood.

New position paper outlines the importance of using psychology to combat climate change

A group of Canadian environmental psychologists including Dr. Jiaying Zhao who study climate change and human behaviour have collaborated to write a position paper for the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA). The position paper draws on psychological science  to inform how Canada needs to respond to its changing climate.

IRES Seminar Series Resumes Thursday, September 9, 2021

See you on September 9, 2021! (Photo by Garrett Parker on Unsplash)

April 21: Take Nature as the Measure: The Search for Sustainability

Join us for a conversation with Wes Jackson, author Robert Jensen, Dr. Hannah Wittman, and Dr. M.V. Ramana about the ideas to advance sustainable agriculture and the other changes necessary to effectively address climate change.

April 3: Women x Climate Studio: An Art-Sharing Event

As part of the RES510 project with Dr. Leila Harris, the Women x Climate Studio: An Art-Sharing Event is a virtual art exhibit and art-sharing space, where RES students will provide a platform for women and non-binary artists to share their art related to climate change.

April 20: Global Goals for Nature, Climate & People

This Earth Week, join Dr. David Boyd and 18 other speakers from around the world for a new TV program, Global Goals for Nature, Climate & People, airing April 20th on EarthX, to explore how can we build an equitable, carbon neutral, and nature positive future.

April 16: Infrastructures of Inequality: Justice and Democracy at the Margins

Join us for the Richard Murphy Memorial Lecture with Dr. Leila M. Harris about a decade of work on everyday processes and politics related to water (and sanitation) infrastructure, conditions and access in underserved communities of Accra, Ghana and Cape Town, South Africa.

March 31: WEBINAR 4: Plant Health for One Health

Dr. Navin Ramankutty will be one of six panelists examining plant health and agriculture from a “One Health” approach—a collaborative, multisectoral, and transdisciplinary perspective that recognizes the health of people, animals, plants and their environments as all closely connected.

The human right that benefits nature

March 16, 2021: In a new BBC article, Dr. David Boyd said that recognising the human right to a healthy environment should be thought of as catalyst for better actions rather than a cure-all.

March 25: Climate Research Made Real: Practical Applications of Research for Better Futures

Dr. Amanda Giang will be one of four panelists from diverse disciplinary backgrounds as they engage in a conversation about the climate crisis and work to be done in the here and now.