News and Events

Feb 9, 2pm – 3pm | Workshop: Happy Climate Action

Dr. Jiaying Zhao of IRES will present a brief talk on happy climate action as a preview to her upcoming TED talk in NYC and conduct a workshop on creating a climate action plan that enhances personal and planetary well-being.

Do we have less than 10 years to address climate change?

Dr. Simon Donner of IRES discussed the use of artificial intelligence to predict the future of Earth's climate.

March 23, 2023: IRES Student Seminar with Alberto Campos and Rumi Naito

Join IRES PhD student Alberto Campos for his talk on the concept of rewilding and IRES PhD Candidate Rumi Naito's presentation about the impact of conservation messaging on reducing demand for exotic pets and promoting public support for policy change!

March 30, 2023: IRES Faculty Seminar with Alex Moore

Join Dr. Alex Moore to learn about the inclusion of cultural values and community-centered conservation interventions!

March 16, 2023: IRES Faculty Seminar with David Boyd

This week's IRES Seminar Series features Dr. David Boyd, who will talk about rights-based approaches to climate and environmental action

March 9, 2023: IRES Professional Development Seminar with Derek Gladwin

Join Derek Gladwin for his talk about digital presence as a process of professionalization.

February 23, 2023: No Seminar This Week

There is no IRES Seminar on November 10 due to the Midterm Break (Feb 20 to 24, 2023).

Some of the waste dumped on Cultus Lake area farmland came from Surrey green bins

Dr. Jiaying Zhao of IRES commented on the problem of dealing with contaminated green waste.

Feb 27 – Mar 2 | CPCIL 2023 Research eSummit

The 2023 Virtual Research Summit brings together “Knowers” (scholars/knowledge keepers), “Doers” (practitioners), and “Learners” (students, new hires) to make meaningful connections and build a network of interested individuals in the parks and protected areas field.

February 9, 2023: IRES Faculty Seminar with Sumeet Gulati

Join Dr. Sumeet Gulati to learn about his research on the relationship between forest clearing and fatal human elephant conflict in India.

‘We’re still on the bunny slopes’: As 2023 kicks off, is Canada’s climate change plan aggressive enough?

Dr. Simon Donner noted that Canada's climate policies are not aggressive enough.

TED@Destination Canada featuring Dr. Jiaying Zhao

Huge congratulations to Dr. Jiaying Zhao for being chosen to give a TED talk! The event in NYC will feature 14 of the brightest speakers and biggest changemakers connected to Canada, associated with the theme O P E N.

Feb 9, 5pm – 6:30pm | Sue Big Oil: A Made in BC Climate Campaign

IRES PhD student Manvi Bhalla will be speaking at Sue Big Oil: A Made-in-BC Climate Campaign! In July 2022, Vancouver city councillors voted in favour of funding lawsuit against Canada’s biggest oil and gas companies. Check out this event to learn more about this movement!

Planning a Sustainable Campus: Balancing Growth and Climate Action at UBC

Join IRES's Dr. Simon Donner for a presentation and moderated Q&A session on how UBC can balance growth with climate action on the Vancouver campus. The Q&A session will be moderated by IRES PhD student Zana Mody

February 16, 2023: IRES Student Seminar with Erika Gavenus and Shuoqi Ren

Join IRES PhD Candidate Erika Gavenus for her talk comparing historical and contemporary salmon harvest rates and MSc Student Shuoqi Ren's presentation about urban environmental justice!

These Metro Vancouver businesses want to make it easier for you to hold onto your clothes longer

Psychology professor Dr. Jiaying Zhao of IRES said the repair economy is the next thing in the circular economy to reduce waste.

6 new climate policies anticipated for B.C. in 2023

A report by IRES land and food systems research associate Matthew Mitchell looked into how Canada can reach its biodiversity targets by 2030.

The first stage of Canada’s plastics ban is now in place. Here’s how it affects you

Dr. Jiaying Zhao commented on Canada's single-use plastic ban policy.

Globalised food systems are making hunger worse

Al Jazeera mentioned a 2018 study from IRES and school of public policy and global affairs which found that farm-level biodiversity has decreased as farms have grown bigger.

Canada’s single-use plastic ban takes effect on Dec. 20. Here’s what to know

IOF research associate Dr. Juan Jose Alava and IRES professor Dr. Jiaying Zhao discussed Canada's ban on the manufacture and import for sale of single-use plastics.