In keeping with its interdisciplinary nature, IRES faculty members and students represent a wide range of backgrounds and interests.

We work extensively with a variety of public agencies as advisors and consultants. IRES faculty are dedicated to serving the academic and wider community through their membership on boards and councils of many national and international panels, including the US National Academy of Sciences, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Ministerial Advisory Panel on Sustainability for Public Works and Government Services Canada, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Westcoast Environmental Law, and the David Suzuki Foundation. In addition, faculty hold offices in scholarly societies and committees, as well as reviewing and serving on editorial boards for a wide range of journals and publications. From Nepal and Bhutan, to Colombia and Peru, IRES faculty are engaged in research across the globe. They have been strengthening relations with local institutions and organizations for over 30 years, resulting in meaningful, practical, cross-cultural partnerships.