Methods Courses

IRES requires that each PhD and Master’s student takes at least one methods course. The course is to be chosen in consultation with your supervisor(s).

Methodology is a concept with numerous meanings and to avoid misunderstandings, we hereby specify our interpretation of the concept. By method we mean the procedures which may be used to collect and scrutinize/analyze researchable empirical material (data). A methods course should allow the student to deepen their understanding of strengths and challenges with the chosen approach on a general level. In addition, the student should acquire an increased ability to handle specific techniques for data collection and analysis. Consequently, the course must address methodological issues from a general perspective of relevance for other techniques than those specifically taught in the course (gas-chromatography, interviews, statistical trend analysis etc). It is common to find courses on qualitative and quantitative methods which meet these requirements.

Below is a chart including some common methods courses that RES students frequently take. You and your supervisor are welcome to choose a methods course outside of this list if there is an alternate course that you both feel would be more relevant and helpful toward your research.


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