Information for Authors

All manuscripts will be subject to a review process. This includes one or more formal reviews by a faculty member, as well as a secondary review by a member of the IRES student body. The primary faculty reviewer may invite others to provide additional reviews where possible and/or desirable. Once a manuscript has undergone two separate reviews, the article will be published as an IRES Working Paper and made available to the public and open to further comment via publication online.

**Note: While some journals allow working papers to be submitted as original work, others restrict the type of prior publications that they will allow for submission. Please check with the journal you intend to submit to prior to submission to the WPS, or visit Sherpa/Romeo for a searchable database of major publisher copyright policies.

All manuscripts should be submitted to: Lisa Westerhoff, WPS Coordinator [lisa.westerhoff AT].



1. Eligibility: Submissions are welcomed from all students, post-doctoral researchers, research assistants, faculty and staff affiliated with IRES. While priority will be given to students and researchers of IRES, we also welcome submissions from students, researchers, etc. from affiliated institutions (e.g. the Liu Institute) and students or researchers with ties to IRES (e.g. via committee members, project partners, etc.).


2. Types of manuscripts accepted: The WPS accepts all types of original work, review papers, and book reviews on all themes relevant to the work pursued here at IRES, including exemplary work produced in fulfilment of course requirements.

In cases where a member of IRES wishes to review a particular book, it may be possible to arrange a free copy to be made available for the purposes of review. Publishers such as Routledge often welcome published reviews of new titles and will send a copy of a book if requested. Simply include your postal address, the new title you wish to review, and the name of the publication (IRES WPS) to which you intend to submit your review.


3.  Manuscript requirements: To ease the submission process and to allow authors to format their articles according to the requirements posed by journals to which they may wish to submit their work, formatting requirements have been kept to a minimum. However, submissions to the WPS are to follow these basic guidelines:

  • All submissions must include an abstract that summarises the approach, methods (where appropriate), findings and implications of the work submitted.
  • The accepted length of the manuscript is based on the type of submission. Original research pieces may vary in length according to their intended place of publication, or a maximum of 8,000 words if not intended for further submission. Review pieces are not to exceed 12,000 words, and book reviews not to exceed 2,500 words.
  • All manuscripts should be submitted as a Word document in 12-point Times New Roman, single spaced with 2 cm margins. Sections should be clearly laid out using headings and sub-headings, and preferably numbered for clarity. Please include a separate title page with author and contact information.