November 4, 2021: IRES Professional Development Seminar with Allen Edzerza

IRES Seminar Series

Time: 12:30pm to 1:30pm (every Thursday)

Location: AERL Theatre (room 120), 2202 Main Mall

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Storytelling by Allen Edzerza 


Allen will be answering and discussing these 4 questions:

  • What is the importance and value of storytelling?
  • What makes a story compelling or impactful?
  • How can we construct or craft stories about the work that we are doing?
  • How might we use storytelling in our lives and work?

Guiding Principles for Allen’s Talk

A statement of sacred responsibilities and inherent rights granted to our People by the Creator.

Oneness of all Things

1)    Our relationship to the land is inseparable and enduring based on the belief that all things have a spirit and are of oneness.  We must listen to the spirit of the land.

Protection of the Land

2)    We are born into our ancestral land and as a result have a sacred responsibility to work to preserve and protect our ancestral lands for present and future generations. We cannot be separated from our land.

Respect is Paramount

3)    Respect for ourselves, each other, the land and environment is a core value passed on by our ancestors.

Water is Sacred

4)    As part of our life-blood, water is a sacred and precious resource, and must be protected and respected.

Balance must be Maintained

5)    Balance must be maintained with our land and all our relations now and for future generations.

6)    Sharing is an important principle of our culture, including the sharing of the land and the benefits derived from the land.

Sacred Laws

7)    Our sacred laws and our code of conduct are the basis of our relationship to the land and to our culture.

Traditional Knowledge

8)    Traditional knowledge is an accumulation of knowledge and wisdom founded on observation and interaction with the land and passed on by our elders from generation to generation through stories and legends.

Respect for Future Generations

9)     It is our sacred responsibility to strive to protect our ancestral lands for future generations.


Allen Edzerza



Allen is currently leading mining reform discussions with the Government of British Columbia on behalf of the First Nation Energy and Mining Council.

Allen worked with the Gordon Foundation to develop an IBA Community Toolkit and assisted in conducting workshops with First Nations on the IBA Community Toolkit across Canada.

Allen was appointed to the Office of the Premier, Government of British Columbia as Special Advisor on Aboriginal issues.  In this capacity, Allen assisted the Province to foster a better working relationship with First Nations by improving communications and coordination between the Province and First Nations.

Allen has served as an Advisor and Chief Negotiator for the Premier and Cabinet for the Government of the Yukon in 2002/ 2003.

Allen has been a senior negotiator for the past 25 years serving as Lead Negotiator for the Tahltan Central Council, Chief Negotiator for the Kaska Nations and held several senior positions in INAC, Government of Canada.

Allen is a member of the Tahltan Nation and a recognized artist with works in several major collections.