March 28, 2024: IRES & IBioS Co-Seminar with Katie Fiorella

Environmental Change in Cambodia’s Social-Ecological Food Systems

Location: HENN 202 – Hennings Building, 6224 Agricultural Road (at East Mall)

No food or drinks allowed in the Theatre.

Time: 12:30pm to 1:20pm

Click here to register for Zoom link. Zoom will be terminated if we encounter tech problems 5 to 10 mins into the seminar.

Talk summary:

Social-ecological systems are changing at an unprecedented rate. As our environments are revamped, what does that mean for the people who live and work within these systems? How does it impact their choices about how to use fisheries and their access to biodiversity within them? We will use the case of Cambodia’s social-ecological food systems — where fishery dependence is exceptionally high and flood plain fisheries are vulnerable to climate change and upstream shifts in the Mekong River flows — to examine these questions. We will consider how climate change will impact the system, how the extent of biodiversity in the ecosystem is used, and how community fish refuges, a strategy to increase fish catch, may benefit fish access. This talk will ask both how people adapt and the constraints they face, and how they see the ramifications of environmental change for their health and well-being.

Dr. Katie Fiorella, Assistant Professor,
Department of Public and Ecosystem Health
Cornell University


I am an environmental scientist and epidemiologist, and my research aims to understand the interactions among environmental change and livelihood, food, and nutrition security. My work is focused on global fisheries and the households that are reliant on the environment to access food and income. I use interdisciplinary methods and my work aims to foster a deeper understanding of how ecological and social systems interact, the ways communities and households adapt to and mitigate environmental change, and the links between human well being and ecological sustainability.