February 15, 2018: IRES Professional Development Seminar
To Profit or Not? How organizational structures impact sustainability projects

IRES Seminar Series

Time: 12:30pm to 1:30pm (every Thursday)

Location: AERL Theatre (room 120), 2202 Main Mall



For-Profit vs Non-Profit Consulting Work Panel

Organizations have different missions, ranging from maximizing profit, to ideological objectives. Non-profits, private businesses, and coops all fall into different places on this spectrum.Their missions impact not just the work that they do, but also how they go about it. This seminar will convene panelists with a range of experiences in different types of organizations to explore how organizational structures shape project selection and execution in the sustainability field.




Michelle Bailey (Bailey Env. Consulting) has over 10 years experience as a professional biologist, and is currently a Senior Scientist and partner at a small local firm, though she previously she spent 9 years with the global firm Stantec. Michelle has extensive experience working with the oil and gas sector with experience leading assessments and environmental monitoring, marine mammal surveys, and land use planning.




Esther Speck (Lululemon) is the VP of global sustainability for Lululemon Athletica.  She has held environmental advisory roles for MEC, Whistler, and run her own consulting firm.







Matt Horne (City of Vancouver) has extensive experience working with both NGOs and governments.  Before joining the City of Vancouver in 2017, he spent 14 years with the Pembina institute with roles as the Associate Director in BC and the Director of the Climate Change Program.



Usman Valiante (Cardwell Grove Inc.) is a senior policy analyst and strategist with 26 years of experience in environmental science and economics, corporate strategy, public policy and regulatory design, advocacy, and communications. He has developed Extended Producer Responsibility programs and circular economy systems including those for beverage containers, pharmaceuticals, batteries and vehicles.




This seminar will not be filmed.



Photo Credit: Sharif Putra from flickr/ Creative Commons