Below are news items from the UBC IRES community.

Job Posting: Vancouver Summer Program Instructor

The Vancouver Summer Program (VSP) is a four-week academic program for international undergraduate students from cooperating universities. The program provides the opportunity to take two academic courses while learning about Canadian practices and culture.

February 14, 2019: IRES Faculty Seminar with Dr. Nathan Bennett

Nathan Bennett is a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Institute for Oceans and Fisheries at UBC. His research focuses on research projects that interrogate various aspects of the complex relationship between the marine environment and human society.

Leila Harris promoted to Full Professor

Congratulations to Leila Harris who has been promoted to Full Professor!

UBC IRES Welcomes Dr. Claire Kremen!

The UBC Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability (IRES) is delighted to welcome Dr. Claire Kremen who has joined as one of UBC’s first President’s Excellence Chairs. Dr. Claire Kremen has commenced her appointment as the UBC President’s Excellence Chair in Biodiversity Studies. Joining the university as a Professor, Dr. Kremen holds a joint appointment in UBC’s Institute for Resources, […]

January 31, 2019: IRES Faculty Seminar with Dr. Michelle Daigle

Michelle Daigle is Mushkegowuk (Cree), a member of Constance Lake First Nation in Treaty 9 in northern Ontario Canada, and of French ancestry. She is an assistant professor in the Department of Geography at the University of British Columbia, located on the unceded and ancestral territories of the Musqueam nation.

Want citizens to care about climate change? Write them a cheque

In an op-ed published by The Conversation, RES PhD student Abhishek Kar and IRES Faculty Associate Hisham Zerriffi argue that the best way to get people to act on climate change is through their wallets.

Congratulations to the IRES 2018 Graduates!

Congratulations to our RES & RMES November Graduates! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and can't wait to see what amazing things you'll go on to do. Click to see full list of students.

Adaptation action and research in glaciated mountain systems: Are they enough to meet the challenge of climate change?

Graham McDowell, Rae Cramer, Vinni Ricciardi and colleagues highlight the shortcomings in adaptation action and research in mountain regions and identify measures needed to more fully meet the challenge of climate change.

The uncertain future of U.S. coal communities

IRES PhD student Sandeep Pai and Hisham Zerriffi explore the political power of coal communities in the United States in this op-ed published by The Conversation.

November 15, 2018: IRES Faculty Seminar with Sheryl Lightfoot

Join IRES on Thursday, Nov. 15 for Sheryl Lightfoot's presentation on "Global Indigenous Rights and Politics: A Subtle Revolution."

Global recognition of the right to a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment

In a report to the UN General Assembly, David Boyd notes the time has come to formally recognize the human right to a healthy environment.

The demise of caterpillar fungus in the Himalayan region

IRES PhD student Stephen Chignell and colleagues investigate the Himalayan caterpillar fungus—one of the world’s most expensive medicinal species—in a new publication.

Graduate applications now open! | Resources, Environment and Sustainability

Applications for the Resources, Environment and Sustainability (RES) program are now being accepted. Apply by December 31, 2018 to join one of the top ten global centres for the study of Environment and Sustainability.

November 1, 2018: IRES Faculty Seminar with Dr. Amanda Giang

Join IRES on Thursday, Nov. 1 for Amanda Giang's presentation on "Policy Evaluation Problems: Evaluating the effectiveness of a global mercury treaty"

October 25, 2018: IRES Professional Development Seminar with Dr. Justin Ritchie & Dr. David Shiffman

Join IRES on Thursday, Oct. 25 for a professional development seminar on "Communicating our research through creative media," presented by Dr. Justin Ritchie and Dr. David Shiffman.

October 18, 2018: IRES Faculty Seminar with Robin Harder

Join IRES on Thursday, Oct. 18 for Robin Harder's talk on "Five often overlooked aspects of closing nutrient cycles from human excreta to food and farming systems."

David Boyd’s message for the Environmental Rights Initiative in Brazil

IRES Professor David R. Boyd, Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment, delivers a video message for the Environmental Rights Initiative in Brazil.

A National Plastics Pollution Strategy for Canada

Join us on Wednesday, October 17 for a lively panel discussion, hosted by Professor David Boyd, on a national plastics pollution strategy for Canada.

November 8, 2018: Seminar with Nathan Bendriem & Weildler Guerra Curvelo

Join IRES on Nov. 8 for Nathan Bendriem's talk on "Economic Analysis of Genomic Technologies used to Enhance Coho Broodstock" and Weildler Guerra Curvelo's talk on "Wayuu Ontology: a relationship between time, Wayuu people, and the non-human world."

Reflections from Mayor Gregor Robertson, City of Vancouver

Join us for an informal conversation reflecting on Gregor Robertson’s decade as Mayor of Vancouver. This event is hosted by Professor David Boyd (SPPGA and IRES) and is part of SPPGA’s Policy in Practice series.

The More Who Die, the Less We Care: Confronting the Deadly Arithmetic of Compassion, with Paul Slovic

Join us for this talk and Q&A on Friday, September 28th with special guest, Paul Slovic, on how publics respond or not to humanitarian crises.

IRES welcomes Interim Director Navin Ramankutty

Please welcome Navin Ramankutty, Interim Director for IRES until July 2019.

How to conserve half the planet without going hungry

New research by Zia Mehrabi, Erle C. Ellis and Navin Ramankutty explores the "Half-Earth" project and how it would affect our food supplies.

Hannah Wittman promoted to Full Professor

Congratulations to Dr. Hannah Wittman on her promotion to Full Professor, effective July 1, 2018.

David Boyd appointed UN expert on human rights and the environment

This August, IRES Professor David Boyd takes on the role of Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment for the UN Human Rights Council. In this Q+A, he discusses priorities for his three-year mandate, and where Canada fits into the international context.

Mark Johnson Promoted to Full Professor

Congratulations to Dr. Mark Johnson on his promotion to Full Professor, effective July 1, 2018.

What can other cities learn about water shortages from “Day Zero”?

In this op-ed in The Conversation, Lucy Rodina and Kieran Findlater discuss water shortages in Cape Town and the importance of creating water-resilient cities.

Congratulations to the 2017/2018 Freda Pagani Award Winners

Liz Williams and Kieran Findlater are the 2017/2018 recipients of the Freda Pagani Award for Outstanding Master’s Thesis and the Freda Pagani Award for Outstanding PhD Dissertation

Congratulations to the 2017/18 Les Lavkulich Award Winners

Megan Callahan and Lucy Rodina are the 2017/2018 recipients of the Les Lavkulich Graduate Student Fellowship and the Les Lavkulich Outstanding Leadership and Service award

Recycling may be confusing but volunteers help get it right

RES PhD Candidate Ivana Zelenika explains the effectiveness of different recycling and waste sorting methods, and the impact trained volunteers can have on reducing contamination in waste streams

Why the G7 must take bold action on plastic pollution

IRES Professor David Boyd discusses the ubiquitous nature of plastic waste and the urgent need for a global solution in an op-ed for the Ottawa Citizen.

Congratulations to our May 2018 RMES/RES graduates!

Congratulations to Nicole Wilson, Mollie Chapman, Justin Ritchie, Arielle Swett!

Congratulations to our May 2018 RMES/RES graduates!

Congratulations to Michaela Neuberger, Michael Lathuillière, Ada Smith, and Kalifi Ferretti-Gallon!

New environmental assessment law is an opportunity to put public trust back into the process

In this Q&A, Jackie Lerner and Kai Chan offer insights on how to improve environmental assessment reviews.

Volunteer opportunity with IRES

IRES is seeking enthusiastic and outgoing volunteers to engage and interact with international students attending its Vancouver Summer Program (VSP) courses.