Doctoral: 2018-2019 competition, IRES deadline is: 4pm on Monday September 24, 2018Master’s: December 1st of every year.
$17,500 to $35,000
Permanent Resident

NSERC provides financial support to outstanding eligible students pursuing master’s or doctoral studies in a   Canadian university in natural sciences or engineering.

For more details, please consult the G+PS NSERC page.

To start the application, visit the NSERC website.


Master’s Applicants:

You must submit a complete application via the online portal by December 1st. A complete application includes the application, copies of all official post-secondary transcripts and all reference letters.

For current RES students, you must check with the IRES Graduate Program Manager well in advance of the Dec 1st deadline to confirm if your official transcripts are already on file. If not, you will need to order more.

We will receive copies of all completed RES applications from UBC G+PS to review and make decisions regarding who we will nominate to the next level of the competition.


Doctoral Applicants:

All RES doctoral applicants must send electronic PDF copies of their completed applications to the IRES Graduate Program Manager prior to submitting the application in the online portal.

Do not submit your NSERC doctoral application online without prior approval from the IRES Graduate Program Manager.

Transcripts: Applicant must confirm well in advance of the departmental deadline that the Graduate Program Manager has original copies of all your official transcripts for all post-secondary institutions on file. If your transcripts are not on file, you will need to order more. The Graduate Program Manager will help you upload your transcripts to your online application.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to double check that your uploaded transcript file, and the rest of your application, is complete and correct before submitting your application in the online portal.

The RES Awards Committee will adjudicate complete applications and nominate those to be forwarded to G+PS. Those nominated will be given feedback on their applications and may choose to modify their applications before final submission to G+PS.