Les Lavkulich Scholarship



Graduate Student Fellowship ($2,500)Outstanding Leadership and Service ($500)


Permanent Resident






















Les Lavkulich Scholarship for Resource and Environment has been endowed by colleagues, friends and UBC alumni in honor of Professor Les Lavkulich, who created the RES program in 1979, the first truly interdisciplinary graduate program at UBC.  As the program’s inspirational leader between 1979 and 2004, he was able, with his unrelenting effort and visionary thinking, to build it into an internationally renowned program. The following two awards are given each year:

– Les Lavkulich Graduate Student Fellowship ($2,500)
– Les Lavkulich Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service ($500)

This competition is open to any Resources, Environment and Sustainability graduate student and must have been registered full-time in the program in the preceding academic year.



For both awards, a faculty member nominates one student for the fellowship.  It does not have to be their student.

The RES Awards Committee will review and rank all the applications.

Les Lavkulich Graduate Student Fellowship

An award for the top underfunded student currently enrolled in the RES program. Priority will go to PhD students, though top Master’s level students are encouraged to apply.

By underfunded, we mean any student holding fellowships, RAs, TAs, or Tuition awards valued in combination at less than a minimal full-time stipend of $18,000/year.

Students who have won major funding in previous years will not be eligible for this award (e.g., funding such as the Trudeau, Vanier, SSHRC, or NSERC CGS, or their equivalents).

To apply
1) Nominated student will submit a 1 page letter detailing their current funding status (one sentence), one paragraph on their area of work, a bullet point list of top academic achievements since coming to UBC, and no more than 2 achievements prior to UBC.

– Achievements include: publications, awards, recognitions, academic success in courses, and or notable thesis progress.

2) Supporting faculty member needs to submit one of:

– A brief letter of reference, or
– A brief email summarizing the student’s accomplishments, or
– A copy of a recent letter of reference for another competition

Les Lavkulich Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service

An award for the top student (funded or unfunded) to recognize exceptional civic engagement and leadership within RES and the greater community.

To apply
Nominated student will submit a 1 page letter detailing their work in RES and/or their engagement with the wider community. The letter should address their activities, hours committed to these activities, remuneration details (if applicable), and length of commitment. 1 or 2 names of individuals whom are willing to be contacted to act as a reference for this award should be listed.