AERL ROCR (Return to On-Campus Research) Protocols: Phase 1

Dear IRES Community,
Apologies for the delay in getting this update out but we’ve been working very hard on getting the protocols for Phase 1 of the AERL ROCR (Return to On-Campus Research) finalized.

Note that “In Phase 1, all Science faculty, staff and research personnel who can work off campus must continue to do so.

Friday morning we received word that the executive has approved occupancy for AERL for Phase 1 effective June 10 2020. At this point, access to AERL is through one of 3 processes:
  1. Research personnel who are working on time-critical projects for reasons including: grant deadlines, time-sensitive papers, and students close to degree completion. (this refers to personnel requiring lab access only)
  2. Equity considerations for faculty and other research personnel who have been granted special exemptions from their Head or Director.
  3. “In and out” access to pick up a book or piece of equipment – 10 minutes max.
How to request access to AERL:
Laboratory Research
  1. Research; requires 4 key pieces to be in place –
    1. Science Safety Plan for the ROCR 
    2. AERL Safety Plan for the ROCR 
    3. Approval of individual PI’s Request to Return to Research and Safety Plan (see attached AERL Research Resumption Form v2 and AERL Access Agreement Form (VPRI)
    4. COVID-19 specific training by all individuals before they return to campus. Should be available online soon. More info to come.
Office Space
  1. Exemptions for office use; must be approved by the Director. The Supervisor/PI of any approved supervisee will need to complete c. and d. of above.  In addition all personnel using AERL will need to complete an online Fire Warden training. The Dean has made it clear through various messaging that she expects each Director may approve 1 or 2 exceptions. An excerpt from her email to the Heads & Directors:
I have heard from some of you regarding special exceptions that you would like to make, often to provide a better working space for your faculty than their home environment provides. As I mentioned to you  during our collective meeting on Research Resumption on 13 May,  you are all authorized to make a few exceptions of this sort, although the underlying principle that has been articulated by UBC Central  is that those who don’t need access to campus should – in the overwhelming number of cases!- continue to work at home.  
Please be aware that these exceptional individuals must also complete the PI form for building access and have it approved, just as those who are seeking access to their labs. The exception that you would grant would extend only to that person, and not to their group members or others.  And their presence in the building  counts towards the agreed-up occupancy (1/3 typically), and is not in addition to it. 

More or less, you have the freedom to prioritize these exceptional people above the groups listed above who need access to their labs, in the sense that the exceptions would reduce the number of  other researchers and staff that would be permitted in the building.
  1. “In and out” access: send a request to Gillian or Bonnie with at least 1 day working notice and a time slot that you plan to attend. This should be a one-hour window Monday through Friday between 7:00am and 6:00pm.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Milind or Gillian.