IRES welcomes two Visiting Professors – Bradley Eyre and Chris Barrington-Leigh!

IRES would like to announce that we will have two visiting professors with us!

Bradley Eyre

Professor Bradley Eyre is a biogeochemist and the foundation Director of the Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry at Southern Cross University, Australia. His publications include topics such as whole ecosystem carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus budgets, net ecosystem metabolism estimates, benthic and pelagic production and respiration, dissolved organic carbon fluxes, carbon stable isotopes (fluxes and assimilation), carbon burial and air-sea GHG flux estimates, benthic denitrification, benthic habitats and seascapes, historical and ecosystem comparisons, ocean acidification, hypoxia, eutrophication, submarine groundwater discharge, permeable sands and carbonate sediment dissolution. Professor Eyre has 157 articles in Scopus listed journals (H-index = 44, Total citations >5000, Google Scholar; H-index = 35, Total citations>3500, Scopus) and has attracted over >$20 million in funding. He has mentored 14 early- and mid-career researchers and supervised 32 PhD students.

IRES Visiting Professor term: December 2017- February 2018


Chris Barrington-Leigh

Chris Barrington-Leigh is an Associate Professor at McGill University, jointly appointed at the Institute for Health and Social Policy and the School of Environment, and is an associate member in McGill’s Department of Economics.  One strand of Chris’ research is focused on empirical and quantitative assessments of human well-being, and their implications for economic, social, and environmental policy.  He uses large international as well as national surveys, experiments, and economic theoretical modeling to understand individual and aggregate consumption benefits, and their implications for policy, including a broad transition to sustainability. Another current strand of work aims to understand household economic and health effects of Beijing’s rural household heating coal-to-electricity programme. A third interest of Chris’ is the structure of urban road networks, globally, and their implication for development and climate policy.

IRES Visiting Professor term: December 2017 – December 2018.