Congratulations to our 8 RES Graduates of 2017!

IRES would like to congratulate our recent graduates of May 2017! Esteemed congratulations from all of us!

We wish you the very best in your future careers and endeavors!

(Photo credit: BdwayDiva1 from flickr/Creative Commons)

Our 8 All-Star graduates are:

Kieran Findlater (PhD), Supervisors Milind Kandlikar & Terre Satterfield



Ashlee Jollymore (PhD), Supervisor Mark Johnson




Michiko Namaz (PhD), Supervisor Hadi Dowlatabadi



Paige Olmsted (PhD), Supervisor Kai Chan



Anna Schuhbauer (PhD), Supervisor Rashid Sumaila



Maery Kaplan-Hallam (MA), Supervisor Terre Satterfield 



The Wint (Ther) Aung (PhD), Supervisor Michael Brauer




Leonard Glaser (MSc), Supervisor Milind Kandlikar