News and Events

April 15, 2021: IRES Student Symposium

The IRES Student Symposium features various RES graduate students presenting their research.

April 8, 2021: IRES Faculty Seminar with Erle Ellis

Global evidence confirms that human societies have gained the capacity to transform our entire planet. Could this unprecedented capacity be redirected to shape a better future for both people and the rest of nature? This presentation explores the possibility that some of the same social processes that have transformed this planet for the worse could also transform it for the better.

March 25, 2021: IRES Faculty Seminar with Gordon Christie

While Indigenous peoples across Canada engage in struggles over lands and waters, other battles rage in less visible forms.  Academics analyzing events argue about what led to this world of conflict and about how to resolve tensions.

March 18, 2021: IRES Student Seminar with Madison Stevens and Rocío López de la Lama

March 18, 2021: IRES Student Seminar with Madison Stevens and Rocío López de la Lama

March 9-21: Parks and Protected Areas Research Network Virtual Research Summit

Hosted by Canadian Parks Collective for Innovation and Leadership (CPCIL), the Virtual Research Summit will bring together “Knowers” (scholars/knowledge keepers), “Doers” (practitioners), and “Learners” (students, new hires) from across the country to make personal connections and build a network of passionate individuals in the parks and protected areas field.

March 11, 2021: IRES Faculty Seminar with Erika Zavaleta

The practice of conservation science includes what we choose to study towards what goals, as well as whom we choose to work with, how we influence our organizations, and how we use science to hone our teaching and to advance justice in our field.

March 4, 2021: IRES Professional Development Seminar with Helina Jolly, Simon Donner, and Mark Cembrowski

This seminar hopes to bring together perspectives from people at different career stages within academia, and kick-start conversations around expectations, limitations, and strategies to strive for. 

Feb 26: CIC YPN: In Conversation with UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment

To help us understand the issues around global climate action, the CIC Young Professionals Network is being joined by Dr. Boyd who will speak to attendees on the connections between combatting climate change and human rights.

Feb 23: #TheTimeIsNow – The case for universal recognition of the right to a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment (R2E)

IRES prof & UN Special Rapporteur Dr. David Boyd will present report highlighting that an important window of opportunity now exists to make a final push to secure universal recognition of R2E in 2021.

February 25, 2021: IRES Faculty Seminar with Andrew Baron

Implicit bias has many pernicious effects on behavior including affecting hiring and voting decisions, and even treatment recommendations by medical professionals. Moreover, research shows that this form of bias is notoriously difficult to change in adults, underscoring the need to identify its roots in development.

Feb 18, 2021: BC Cleantech Awards

Dr. Hannah Wittman is a BC Cleantech Awards Finalist, nominated in the category of Top Educator in recognition of her teaching efforts surrounding a transition to a green economy.

February 18, 2021: No Seminar Due to Mid-Term Break

There will be no seminar on Thursday, February 18 due to Mid-Term Break (February 15-19).

How Nova Scotia coastal communities are planning for climate change

Feb 10, 2021: CBC featured research from David Righter’s IRES Master’s thesis, showing that 75% of coastal communities in Nova Scotia are implementing climate change plans ordered by the province.

Dr. Jiaying Zhao on behavioural sustainability

Feb 10, 2021: In a podcast episode, Dr. Zhao discussed the necessity of putting psychology to use in sustainability; if we know how people come to their decisions, we can design policies that help them make good decisions on their own.

February 11, 2021: IRES Student Seminar with Joanne Nelson and Kyoko Adachi

February 11, 2021: IRES Student Seminar with Joanne Nelson and Kyoko Adachi

Farm protests highlight complex India trade outlook

Feb 5, 2021: Dr. Shashidharan Enarth commented on the complex relationship between B.C.’s Indian diaspora and its home country amidst the recent #FarmersProtest.

Feb 4, 2021: Second Annual Water Research Roundup

Virtual Webinar: The webinar will feature a panel of student researchers working on topics related to freshwater governance, including stewardship, protection, and Indigenous laws and ways of knowing. This is the second annual “Water Research Roundup” offered as part of POLIS’ Creating a Blue Dialogue webinar series.

February 4, 2021: IRES Faculty Seminar with Mary Collins

Analyzing the relationship between employment and toxic emissions at over 25,000 US manufacturing facilities between 1998 to 2012 demonstrates that significant reductions in toxic pollution can be achieved while avoiding equivalent effects on employment.

Spooked by COVID-19, B.C. government invests in food processing, supply chain

Feb 3, 2021: Dr. Hannah Wittman said in an interview with National Observer that free trade deals like NAFTA have consistently made it more difficult for smaller, regional food processing facilities to compete with imported foods.

Feb 2, 2021: Natural Capital Conversations

The next Natural Capital Conversations features IRES’s Ale Echeverri and Rocio Lopez de la Lama! They will discuss how to measure nature’s non-material benefits: the Cultural Ecosystem Services of Water.