Non-RES Courses

The following courses have been recommended by RES students and alumni as being valuable towards their education. Please direct all inquiries regarding these courses to the specific department and not to RES.

Note: Not all the courses are offered every year.

  • ANTH 409A (Topics in Applied Anthropology)
  • ANTH 515B (Anthropological Study of Local Ecological Knowledge)
  • ANTH 516 (Qualitative Methods in Anthropology)
  • APSC 364 (Applied Sustainability: UBC as a Living Laboratory)
  • SOCI 495 (Advanced Studies in Sociology)
  • BIOL 445 (Darwin’s Fishes)
  • BIOL 501 (Quantitative Methods in Ecology and Evolution)
  • CEEN 590A (Topics in Clean Energy Engineering – Energy Policy)
  • EDUC 504 (Seminar in Qualitative Data Analysis)
  • ENVR 420 (Ecohydrology of Watersheds and Water Systems)
  • ENVR 430 (Ecological Dimensions of Sustainability)
  • ENVR 440 (Analytical Methods in Sustainability Science)
  • FRST 504 (Landscape Ecology)
  • FRST 524 (Environmental Perception)
  • GEOB 503 (Topics in Hydrology and Geomorphology)
  • GEOG 514 (Topics in Environmental Geography)
  • GPP 507 (Environmental Law and Policy)
  • GPP 522 (Development Discourses and Practices)
  • PLAN 504 (Ecological Context of Planning)
  • EPSE 595 (Qualitative Research Methods)
  • LLED 565D (Introduction to Environmental Literacy)
  • PLAN 548F (Sustainability, Planning and Governance Approaches to Whole Region Change)
  • COMM 487 or COMM 597 (Environmental Management – both courses are equivalent; credit will be granted for only one of COMM 487 or COMM 597)
  • SFU REM 650 (Energy and Materials Management and Policy – with SFU under the Western Deans Agreement)
  • SFU REM 651  (Project Evaluation, Non-market Valuation & Renewable Resource Economics)
  • IAR 515 (Development in Theory and Practice)


Last updated on May 31, 2017.