Governance, Policy, Law & Justice

We are in the midst of unprecedented global environmental crises – climate disruption, biodiversity loss, emerging pandemics, and pervasive pollution – that need to be urgently addressed. Recognizing the concurrent challenges of poverty and inequality, it is clear that transformative changes are required to tackle these crises in an equitable and just manner. 

IRES researchers are identifying laws, policies, decision making practices, and institutions that either inhibit, facilitate, or accelerate progress towards a more equitable and sustainable future. This can include anything from new regulations or policies at various levels of governance, to designing more effective and inclusive institutions, to informal norms and practices that might increase human wellbeing while reducing socio-ecological harms.

Core faculty:

David BoydLeila HarrisAmanda GiangGunilla ÖbergHadi DowlatabadiMilind KandlikarTerre SatterfieldKai ChanHannah Wittman


Highlighted publications: