Verena Seufert


I am a geographer-ecologist interested in all things food and nature. Food for me is what connects us in the most fundamental ways with nature. We depend on ecosystems, and we impact ecosystems through the way we produce, prepare and eat our food. What we eat also defines us as societies and as individuals. But right now there are many things that are wrong in the way we grow and eat our food – not only are too many people still malnourished today, food production is also degrading the very resources it depends on and contributing to many of our environmental problems.

I am interested in understanding how to do food better: How can we create a food system that is more just and more sustainable? There are many purported answers to these questions. Paleo! Organic! GMO! Vegan! Local! Global! But what do we actually know about these supposed solutions? In my research I try to assess the scientific evidence on these debates as objectively as I can, trying to help us make sense of different claims, and in the end to allow us to grow and eat food in a better way.

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