Stephanie Chang

Professor, IRES
Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning
Canada Research Chair (t2, Disaster Management and Urban Sustainability)


Dr. Stephanie Chang’s research addresses issues of community vulnerability and resilience to natural disasters. Broadly speaking, it investigates three types of questions: What happens in disasters, and why? What can be anticipated in future disasters? And, how can disruption from disasters be effectively reduced? Her work emphasizes economic, geographic, and planning aspects of risk and resilience at the urban scale. She is particularly interested in the role of urban infrastructure such as energy, water, and transportation systems. Dr. Chang has written extensively on socio-economic impacts of disasters, loss estimation models for critical infrastructure systems, infrastructure interdependencies, economic evaluation of disaster mitigations, urban disaster recovery, and long-term urban risk dynamics. She has conducted research on these topics in Canada, the U.S., Japan, New Zealand, and other places. Her current projects focus on coastal hazard risk and resilience in British Columbia. Dr. Chang has served on the U.S. National Research Council’s Committee on Disaster Research in the Social Sciences and its Committee on Earthquake Resilience ¬– Research, Implementation, and Outreach.

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Systems Under Stress: An Investigation of Community Resilience to Natural Disasters
The Role of Coastal Ecosystem Degradation in Tsunami Damage


PLAN 548 Intermediate Quantitative Data Analysis
PLAN 548 Quantitative Tools for Planners
PLAN 548 Planning Disaster for Resilient Communities

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