Megan Callahan

PhD Candidate

Research Interests


Megan (Meggie) is a PhD Candidate at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability under the supervision of Dr. Terre Satterfield. Her Master’s work was completed at UBC and explored the human-animal interface found within zoos. It sought to explore the effectiveness of zoo-based conservation efforts through a species-based evaluation as well as identifying successes and challenges that zoological institutions faced individually and as a whole.

Her current research expands upon her Master’s work and seeks a holistic investigation of different relationships between humans and wildlife. Her work will focus on three main aspects of the relationships: differentiation, benefits, and agency. This approach combines elements of anthropological inquiry, psychology-based perception work, and tenets of animal behavior and welfare in order to help characterize different aspects of the complex human-animal relationship.

Meggie’s special affinity for wildlife began early in childhood, as she shared her home with a constant succession of furry, feathered, or finned friends. Her time spent working at a wildlife rehabilitation center combined with her collegiate studies at Pomona College solidified her interest in animal-human interactions. She is also a TerreWEB scholar.