Ghazal Ebrahimi

PhD Candidate


I am a PhD Candidate at IRES, a NSERC CREATE fellow, and a trainee at Sustainable Building Science Program. My passion for arts and physics together with my interest in designing livable places led me to study an undergraduate degree in architecture at Shiraz University, Iran. After graduating from architecture and working as an architect in design firms, I decided to learn about the integration of renewable energy technologies into site plan and building form, with focus on climate and human comfort. This interest took me to the UK, where I got my MSc in Renewable Energy and Architecture from the University of Nottingham. My ongoing curiosity is to explore and catalyze the emergence of principles and practices that make a built environment, which effectively responds to the needs of its users while reducing its environmental impacts.

Over the last decades, many new building designs, building materials, comfort technologies, standards and green rating systems have been introduced with the intention of creating buildings with lower adverse impacts. However, there exist discrepancies between design expectations and actual performance of buildings, which have been difficult to overcome. A leading theory contends that this challenge has persisted because the industry and the processes of: designing, building, commissioning and operating a building are carried out by different actors in a largely fragmented industry. This fragmentation leads to low accountability, shifting actor teams and little capacity for learning from past experiences and successive building projects. In my PhD, I am examining the effectiveness of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) in addressing this challenge and ultimately delivering buildings as expected. I am conducting this research under supervision of Dr. Hadi Dowlatabadi and Dr. Murray Hodgson. Contact me at if you are interested to learn about what am I learning.

To give myself some enjoyable moments outside work, I do free-hand sketching, play violin, read Hafez and Shamloo, and sing in a choir. And of course the most joyful moments are when I talk with my lovely little nephew, Raman.