Evan Bowness

PhD Candidate


M.A. in Sociology, University of Manitoba 

B.A. (honours) in Sociology, University of Manitoba

Evan’s research interests include food sovereignty, urban agriculture and the commons. He’s taught a variety of sociology courses at the University of Manitoba, including an intensive permaculture-themed summer institute called ‘Building a Commons,’ and he’s the co-founder of two community-based agriculture cooperatives in MB. His work is funded by SSHRC.

Selected publications:
Bowness, E. and E. Comack. (Forthcomming 2015). “Crime and Punishment: The More Things Change….” In Cy Gonick (Ed.), Fifty Years of Canadian Dimension. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Kueneman, R. and E. Bowness. (2015). “The Changing Social Context of Dispute Resolution and the Rise of Law” In Rick Linden (Ed.), Criminology: A Canadian Perspective. 8th Edition. Toronto: Nelson Education.

Hudson, M. and E. Bowness (2014). “Directly and Adversely Affected: Public Participation in tar sands development 2005-2014.” Calgary: Parkland Institute. Available at: http://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/parkland-research-pdfs/Directly_and_Adversely_Affected.pdf

Bowness, E. (2014). “Food Systems in Transition: From Globalized Industrial Agriculture to Localized Urban Permaculture.” Canadian Dimension. 48(1): 34-36.

Bowness, E. and M. Hudson. (2013). “Sand in the Cogs? Power and Public Participation in the Albertan Tar Sands.” Environmental Politics 23(1): 59-76.