Colin Levings

Adjunct Professor

Research Interests


Colin Levings is a Scientist Emeritus at the DFO-UBC Centre for Aquaculture and Environmental Research in West Vancouver, British Columbia. He has a B Sc and M Sc in Zoology and Fisheries from UBC and a Ph D in Biological Oceanography from Dalhousie University. His research interests are in the areas of estuarine ecology of salmonids, aquatic invasive species, environmental aspects of aquaculture, estuarine habitat restoration, and food web ecology, among others. He has co-supervised graduate students at UBC working on a range of aquatic ecosystem problems and collaborated with overseas colleagues on estuarine studies in Norway, Japan, and Korea. Colin has been a member of several scientific advisory boards dealing with fish habitat management issues in BC and the northwest Pacific States, has served as an editor to a number of journals, and is a founding member of the Pacific Estuarine Research Society. He has published about 200 papers, conference proceeding, reports and other communications.