Alli Cutting is a MSc student, co-supervised by Dr. Terre Satterfield and Dr. Rashid Sumaila. Her research focuses on the sustainability of small-scale fisheries along the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, with particular attention to food and livelihood. Alli is dedicated to finding solutions that foster harmony between the ocean and the people that depend on it by looking at fisheries from a social, ecological, and economic approach.

Prior to joining IRES, Alli conducted research in Nicaragua as a National Geographic Early Career Explorer, worked aboard commercial fishing vessels as an observer, interned at the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions investigating governance within small-scale fisheries, and served as a field ecologist for the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in ecology and a minor in sociology from Seattle Pacific University. When not playing with sea creatures or listening to fishing tales, Alli can be found running through the wild, open water swimming, or dabbling in photography.