Lunch and Discussion with K.J. Joy

Location: AERL 419, 2202 Main Mall

Join us for an informal brown-bag lunch discussion led by K.J. Joy — a prominent research-activist from India interested in participatory irrigation management, river-basin management, multi-stakeholder processes, water conflicts, water ethics, and people’s movements.

This is an opportunity to learn and discuss ideas around system transformation and resource governance that are central to his new edited volume, Alternative Futures: India Unshackled.

Joy will focus on one part of the book entitled, The future of water in India written by Shripad Dharmadhikary and Himanshu Thakkar, which argues for a fundamental shift towards the core values of sustainability, equity, efficiency, and democratization in water governance. Joy will move this conversation forward by drawing on three experiences from Maharashtra, including sharing case studies in watershed development, participatory irrigation management, and social movements around re-structuring water and infrastructure.


This event is open to everyone (not just those working on India-related research), but likely of particular interest to those working on systems transformation, water conflict and ethics, and environmental justice and equity.