Yoshitaka Sakata

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Yoshitaka Sakata

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Dr. Yoshitaka Sakata is an expert in hydrogeology and groundwater engineering with over 17 years of professional experience. After receiving his PhD in Science in March 2013 at Hokkaido University (Japan), he engaged in the university’s Faculty of Engineering for a national research project regarding shallow geothermal energy utilization based on heat pump technology.

Dr. Sakata is currently an Associate Professor in the College of Science and Engineering at Kanazawa University (Japan) since October 2021. During his 10 year research career, Dr. Sakata has delivered approximately 100 scientific papers and conference proceeding., He has also received numerous awards from the Japan Society of Civil Engineering, the Geothermal Research Society of Japan, Asia Oceania Geosciences Society, and other associations.

Dr. Sakata is a Visiting Scholar for international research collaboration with IRES Professor Hadi Dowlatabadi. His research at UBC is supported by JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (19KK0370).

IRES Visiting Professor Term: December 1, 2021 to March 2, 2022.  July 23, 2022 to September 24, 2022.