Stephen Chignell

Portrait photo of Stephen Chignell

Stephen Chignell

PhD Candidate, International Doctoral Fellow, R. Howard Webster Fellow, Vanier Scholar

Contact Details

steve dot chignell at ubc dot ca

Research Interests

Biodiversity conservation, Community-based research, Connectivity science, Data science, Environmental and cultural values, Environmental justice, Geosciences, Political ecology, Resource governance and management, Science-policy interface, Social ecological systems, Social Network Analysis


I am interested in both the physical and social aspects of environmental and sustainability issues, and enjoy finding creative ways to understand their intersection.  Prior to UBC, I completed a M.S. in Watershed Science at Colorado State University, where I studied relationships among water development, land change, and urban growth in Ethiopia.  I also contributed geospatial analyses to the IPBES Global Assessment and was involved in a series of participatory mapping projects with the Secondary Cities Initiative.  Most recently, I worked to reconstruct the history of Antarctic science with the McMurdo Dry Valleys Long-Term Ecological Research project.