Shuoqi Ren

Portrait photo of Shuoqi Ren

Shuoqi Ren

PhD Student

Research Interests

Data science, Environment, Environmental Law and Policy, Geosciences, Policy and Decision-making, Science-policy interface, Sustainability


Shuoqi Ren is a Ph.D. student in IRES supervised by Dr. Amanda Giang in the Lab for Environmental Assessment and Policy (LEAP). Her research focused on urban environmental quality and justice assessment using digital tools like GIS techniques. Her broader interests include understanding and characterizing the impacts and outcomes of human-environmental interactions using tools like modelling, and how these tools can contribute to urban environmental planning and policymaking. 

Shuoqi was at IRES in LEAP as an MSc student prior to her Ph.D. study and decided to pursue a Ph.D. degree here motivated by her interests. She received an Honours bachelor’s degree in forestry from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada and a joint bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Northeast Forestry University (NEFU) in China. After her undergraduate studies, she interned at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) China Amur-Heilong Ecoregion Complex Program, where she actively participated in and promoted environmental and species protection initiatives.