Selina Agbayani

Selina Agbayani

MSc with Andrew Trites, 2023
Aquatic Biologist for Fisheries and Oceans Canada

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Research Interests

Marine Mammal Science, Conservation Science, Ecosystem stressors, Marine Spatial Planning, Geographic Information Science, Resilience 


Selina Agbayani began her career while pursuing a B.Sc. in Forest Sciences from the University of British Columbia (UBC). After graduation, she gained experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) through the Landscape Ecology and Water Tracer Labs at UBC. She then continued her professional development with the Advanced Diploma GIS Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Selina has combined a passion for natural systems and conservation issues with a specialization in landscape-scale ecological data and spatial analysis. This has led her to become involved in various projects with non-profit organizations such as the Community Mapping Network and World Wildlife Fund – Canada. In her work there, Selina became interested in marine ecosystems, and eventually came to UBC to study grey whales. Selina now works as an Aquatic Biologist for Fisheries and Oceans Canada, working on Cumulative Impact Mapping for Marine Spatial Planning. 

Featured Publications

Agbayani S., 2022. Energy requirements of grey whales. Master’s thesis. University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC. [Embargoed until October 2023].

Clarke Murray C, NE Kelly, JC Nelson, GEP Murphy and S Agbayani. 2022. Cumulative impact mapping and vulnerability of Canadian marine ecosystems to anthropogenic activities and stressors. DFO Can. Sci. Advis. Sec. Res. Doc. 2021/XXX. vi. + 52 p.

DFO. 2021. Cumulative impact mapping and vulnerability of Canadian marine ecosystems to anthropogenic activities and stressors. DFO Can. Sci. Advis. Sec. Sci. Advis. Rep. 2021/nnn. 

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