Prerna Gupta

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Prerna Gupta

PhD Candidate, Simons Graduate Award in Disarmament, Global and Human Security Recipient, Public Scholar, Global Reporting Program Fellow, James and Setsuko Thurlow Scholarship in Peace and Disarmament Studies recipient

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Research Interests

Energy technologies, Nuclear energy, Nuclear weapons and disarmament, risk perception, social movements, survey methodology, uranium mining


Prerna’s PhD research investigates what cultural, economic and political factors affect people’s acceptance or rejection of nuclear energy in India. She has been engaging with nuclear issues for more than six years both academically and through civil action. Prerna’s Master’s thesis “Normalising Nuclear: A cultural study of how India learnt to love the bomb” was completed at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. It explores how a nation once invested in the Gandhian ideals of non-violence came to embrace a weapon of mass destruction from a cultural studies perspective. Her experience with various social movements drives her passion for socially relevant research and creative projects. She is also a documentary filmmaker and is interested in exploring the relevance of the form of documentary for research in social sciences. Her previous documentary films include: “Kadak Bai”, the story of a daily wage female worker who struggles to feed her family during India’s demonetization and “Like Dust We Rise”, the struggles of contract sanitation workers at the Bombay Municipal Corporation.

Featured Publications

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