Tim Cashion

PhD Student

Research Interests


Tim is a first-year PhD student studying fisheries economics under the supervision of Rashid Sumaila. Tim’s research at IRES and the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries will continue to work on the Fish Tracker Initiative to link investors to sustainable and unsustainable fisheries practices. Through this research, Tim hopes to better evaluate the risk of current fisheries overexploitation and the declining returns to those invested in them.

Tim received a double major BA from Huron University College at the University of Western Ontario. Tim began his fisheries research during his master’s at Dalhousie University focusing on the environmental and ecological impacts of reduction fisheries and seafood life cycle assessment.

Recently, Tim has worked for the Sea Around Us at UBC working on various projects including fish used for fishmeal and fish oil, analyzing trends in fisheries discards, and researching global fisheries gear use. He hopes this research can help to understand the impacts of fisheries on marine ecosystems and their role in sustainable food production. Tim’s research is funded by a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, and the UBC 4-Year Fellowship.

Featured Publications

Cashion T., Le Manach, F., Zeller, D., Pauly, D. (2017) Most fish destined for fishmeal are food-grade fish. Fish and Fisheries.

Cashion, T., Tyedmers, P., & Parker, R. (2017). Global reduction fisheries and their products in the context of sustainable limits. Fish and Fisheries.

Zeller D., Cashion T., Palomares M.L.D. and Pauly D. (2017) Global marine fisheries discards: a synthesis of reconstructed data. Fish & Fisheries.

Cashion, T., Hornborg, S., Ziegler, F., Hognes, E., & Tyedmers, P. (2016). Review and advancement of the marine biotic resource use metric in LCAs: a case study of Norwegian salmon feed. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 21(8): 1106-1120.