I am currently a PhD candidate and UBC Public Scholarat the Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia, under the supervision of Dr. David Boyd and Dr. Janette Bulkan (People, Institutions, and Forests Lab). My research interests focus on the nature of conservation decision-making, asking questions about how evidence and knowledges are applied to conservation problems, who makes decisions, and how conservation models account for human rights. For my dissertation research, I employ mixed social science methods and a political ecology lens to understand the governance and stewardship dimensions of community forests in Uttarakhand, India. I am also involved in projects focused on the equity dimensions of climate adaptation and the use of evidence in conservation planning in Canada. In 2021 I am also acting as a Climate Expert for the Climate Teaching Connector program at UBC, and a Project Assistant for the Canadian Mountain Assessmentproject. I hold a BA in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies from Franklin University, Switzerland, in 2015, where my thesis highlighted Indigenous land rights and conflict in Uganda. My professional background includes a decade of experience working for conservation nonprofit organizations, notably as an Education Media Specialist and Logistics Coordinator with Polar Bears International since 2011. When not working, I like to spend my days playing outside, immersed in appreciation for the wilder places.

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Featured Publications

McDowell, G., Stevens, M., Lesnikowski, A., Huggel, C., Harden, A., DiBella, J., Morecroft, M., Kumar, P., Joe, E. T., Bhatt, I. D., & Initiative, the G. A. M. (2021). Closing the Adaptation Gap in Mountains. Mountain Research and Development41(3), A1.

Stevens, M. (in review). Many Mountain Paths: Understanding Stewardship and Change in Van Panchayat Community Forests, Uttarakhand, India. In J. Bulkan, J. Palmer, M. Hobley, & A. M. Larson (Eds.), Handbook on Community Forestry. Routledge.

Adler, C, Wester, P, Bhatt, I […] Stevens, M (Contributing Author). (in review). Cross-Chapter Paper 5: Mountains. Second Order Draft. IPCC WGII (Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability) Sixth Assessment Report.