M.A. student at the Institute for Resources Environment and Sustainability IRES UBC (2018-2020) interested in Biodiversity and Ecosystem-based Entrepreneurships and value chains aimed at conserving and sustainably managing tropical forests with rural communities. Former Amazon Regional Coordinator in the Forest and Climate Protection Program /REDD+ GIZ and Climate Policy Advisor to the FCO British Embassy in Colombia (2014-2018). Humboldt Climate Protection Fellow and Alumni at the Geomatics Lab Universitaet Humboldt zu Berlin and VRA at the Environmental Change Institute - Oxford University (2011-2013). Regional development planning researcher (M.Sc. UP Diliman Philippines and TU Dortmund Germany) and consultant in environmental and social conflict transformation (2003-2011).

Featured Publications

Seminars / Colloquiums

(2005) International Colloquium on Regional Development Planning (SPRING, Technische Universität Dortmund). Integrated Rural Development Planning in Conflict Affected Areas: The experience of Pikit, Mindanao (Philippines).


(2007) International Congress on Urban Development Planning and Conflict Management. SPRING TU Dortmund and University of Jakarta. Urban Planning and Peace-building in the suburbs of Medellín, Colombia.


(2009) International Cooperation Graduate Studies – Universidad Externado de Colombia, Faculty of Finances and International Relations. Lecture on German Technical Cooperation and German Development Cooperation Project Management Schemes.


(2010) ObservaTICS/Universidad Externado de Colombia – Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (Joint Programme).Prospective Planning and ICTs/e-Government Solutions.


(2013) Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society of London. Research Group on Climate Hazards and Adaptation. Bearing the Unbearable: the use of public infrastructure to provide transitional shelter during erratic rainfalls and river-floods in Colombia.