Kieran Findlater

Research Interests


I am a post-doctoral research fellow at the Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability at UBC.  I conduct research on the interplay of human judgment and decision-making, environmental risk, global environmental change and natural resources management.  I currently split my time between two climate-related projects: (1) developing novel research methods to investigate climate-sensitive decision making by farmers and homeowners; and (2) evaluating the value of climate services (i.e., climate information products) for decision makers in the South Pacific.  I also continue to collaborate with the Social-Ecological Systems Research Group led by Dr. Shannon Hagerman on the CoAdapTree project.

I have previously and concurrently conducted research on a wide variety of topics related to global sustainability problems, including climate change adaptation and mitigation, land use change, water resource governance, energy policy, distributed generation, international development and technology diffusion, examined through complementary qualitative and quantitative methods of inquiry.

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Twitter: @FindlaterKM

ResearchGate: Kieran_Findlater

ORCID:  0000-0002-6818-5588