Mark Johnson

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Mark Johnson

Professor, IRES
Professor, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Canada Research Chair (T2, Ecohydrology)

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AERL Room 421
2202 Main Mall
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

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Dr. Mark Johnson is working to understand how land use practices influence interactions between hydrological and ecological processes, and how these ecohydrological processes further affect ecosystem services including carbon sequestration. Unraveling interactions between the water cycle and the carbon cycle is essential for improving the sustainability of land and water management, especially under changing climatic conditions. Dr. Johnson’s research in ecohydrology demonstrates that soil carbon processes are also integrally important to the health of freshwater ecosystems and drinking water supplies. Dr. Johnson and his team are testing carbon and water cycle interactions to address questions such as: How much carbon does water transport from the land into freshwater systems? His research can also help to answer very applied questions related to soil fertility and water use such as: How much food can be produced in urban environments, and how much water would that require? To address these and other related questions, Johnson is developing innovative approaches to ecohydrological research in partnership with communities, natural resource management agencies and organizations, and industry.



Agricultural Water Innovations in the Tropics

Carbon Drainage

Ecohydrological controls on carbon drainage fluxes in natural and human-impacted watersheds


RES 500A Global aspects of Ecohydrology

RES 510 Social-Ecological Systems

ENVR  420 Ecohydrology of Watersheds and Water Systems

ENVR 200 Introduction to Environmental Sciences

SCIE 113 First Year Seminar in Science

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