John Driscoll

John Driscoll

Adjunct Professor, IRES

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Food production is the single greatest driver of direct anthropogenic impacts on both terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Improving the sustainability of our food systems is thus one of humanity’s great challenges. Through his research, John seeks to bring a food system perspective to fisheries, in order to understand how fisheries produce food for people, identify options for improved performance, develop approaches by which fisheries science and management can be informed with food-related considerations, and integrate fisheries into broader food-related dialogues. Ultimately, John hopes to engage in work that would result in the integration of a food system perspective with ecosystem-based approaches for fisheries.

Currently, John’s specific areas of interest include the development of approaches for analyzing and evaluating fisheries’ nutrient yields, the implications of bait use for fisheries’ nutrient yields, the potential implications of a Canadian seaweed aquaculture industry for both climate change and food production, and the transfer of nutrients from marine to terrestrial ecosystems via fisheries. More broadly, John is interested in food system sustainability, the role of wild animals in food systems, marine habitat conservation, ecosystem-based fisheries management, and developing principles for long-term resilience in fisheries. John has a PhD from UBC’s Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, where he was in Kai Chan’s lab, and is the fisheries science and policy analyst for David Suzuki Foundation.

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