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Joakim Jeppson

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Dr. Joakim Jeppsson has joined the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability as an Adjunct Professor and is collaborating with IRES Professor Dr.Gunilla Öberg. He is working on a research project regarding knowledge needs in a circular construction industry. The research is funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research ( He holds a PhD in Structural Engineering from Lund University (Sweden) and a MSc in Civil Engineering from Luleå University of Technology (Sweden).

Dr Jeppsson is currently the head of research and development at Skanska Sweden, the largest business unit in the Skanska group. Skanska is a world leader in construction and project development in select markets throughout the Nordic region, Europe and USA.

Circular solutions are likely a future necessity from an industry with a massive material flow. Mechanisms to fast identify the knowledge needed for a more circular construction industry is of great importance for the sectors’ sustainability transformation.

The question of needed knowledge has been one core aspect for Dr. Jeppsson in choosing research and development projects over the last decade and has fostered his personal interest to learn more.




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