Giulia Belotti

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Giulia Belotti

MA Student, graduated 2024
Community Engagement Coordinator, 2022-2023

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Research Interests

Cities, Collaborative Governance, Energy policy, Environmental Law and Policy, Public policy and analysis, Urban Sustainbility


Giulia Belotti (she/her) was an MA student in the Institute of Resources, Environment and Sustainability, supervised by Dr. Milind Kandlikar. Her research interests include multilevel governance of renewable energy policy and the identification of political factors enhancing or hampering clean energy transitions. During her MA, she explored various opportunities for overcoming political barriers to decarbonization efforts by adopting a multilevel governance approach.

She completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Trento, Italy, with two exchange semesters at Technical University of Munich and University of Calgary. Giulia has been involved in climate activism, being an active member of ThinkOcean Society, an environmental NGO. In 2018, she founded the Italian network of the organization and worked with local communities to tackle climate-related issues through a bottom-up approach.

Giulia believes in the possibility of achieving structural, transformative change within our political systems by adopting coordinated, comprehensive and inclusive policies on various levels of governance and ensuring community participation.

Last updated May 2024.