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Edward Gregr

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I completed my PhD with Dr. Chan at IRES, studying the sea otter – kelp forest trophic cascade and the associated changes in ecosystem services. This interdisciplinary work compliments my earlier academic training in Zoology (M.Sc. 2000) and Computer Science (B.Sc. 1992), which is reflected in my over 25 years of experience in field research design and sampling, research, consulting, and project management. I consider myself a Systems Ecologist studying the intersection of ecosystem services, risk, and human values. My research interests centre on using various types of spatial models to inform ecosystem-based management, and on making such models more credible, relevant, and legitimate. Understanding model uncertainty is the foundation of model credibility, and to that end, I am exploring ways of making models more credible through the explicit consideration of model assumptions. To be effective, model results must also be relevant to managers, and perceived as legitimate by stakeholders. These goals are most likely to be achieved if model objectives and scope are defined collaboratively with interested managers and vested stakeholders. I continue to pursue opportunities to build such models in contentious and complex social-ecological contexts.




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