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Conor Reynolds

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Conor Reynolds holds an interdisciplinary PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Studies, and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, both from UBC. He is a professional engineer with over two decades of experience related to the science, policy, and management of air contaminants and greenhouse gas emissions. Conor currently leads the Air Quality & Climate Change Policy team at Metro Vancouver, which is the regional government that delivers services, policy and political leadership on behalf of 23 local authorities. The Air Quality & Climate Change Policy team is responsible for the development and implementation of Climate 2050, the 30-year regional climate action strategy for the Metro Vancouver region, as well as the Clean Air Plan, which will identify and prioritize actions to reduce air contaminant and greenhouse gas emissions in our region over the next 10 years. He is interested in interdisciplinary policy research that can drive implementation of meaningful climate action in society, in particular related to widespread adoption of smart, clean energy technologies for decarbonizing buildings and achieving zero-emissions transportation.




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