Celeste Pomerantz

Portrait photo of Celeste Pomerantz

Celeste Pomerantz

MSc Student

Research Interests

Energy, Geosciences


Celeste Pomerantz is a masters (MSc) student in the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, supervised by Dr. M.V. Ramana. Her research focuses on energy storage and grid optimization in Canadian remote and off-grid communities. She has a BSc in natural sciences from the University of Calgary concentrating in alternative energy and geosciences. During her undergrad, she focused her projects on alternative energy storage systems writing and co-authoring several papers including Fuel Cells for Heavy Freight Transport, Pumped Hydroelectric Storage, and Hydrogen as a Future Energy Source. She also aided Dr. Jason Donev on his award winning Energy Education Encyclopedia where she had over twenty pages published to the educational site.

Celeste grew up on the north shore of Vancouver and spent nearly all of her time outdoors, her interests became deeply rooted in the natural environment and as a result, has dedicated her education and future career to saving it. Immediately after her undergrad, she moved to Squamish, BC to spend as much time outside as possible, you can find her backcountry skiing in the winter or mountain biking in the summer.