Carol Tatiana Chamorro-Vargas

Carol Tatiana Chamorro-Vargas

MSc Program
IRES Student Society Trip Coordinator, 2023-24

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Tatiana Chamorro (she/her) is an MSc student in the Working to Restore Connectivity and Sustainability  (WoRCS) Lab at IRES and is supervised by Dr. Claire Kremen. Her research focuses on the scaling up of sustainable cattle ranching practices in Colombia, as she is highly interested in biodiversity conservation and ecology. She is a recipient of the Philip A. Jones Fellowship 2022-2023. She is also the trip coordinator for the RES Student Society.

Prior to joining IRES, Tatiana received her BSc in Biology from the National University of Colombia. Her previous research was focused on the Knowledge and relationship of a rural community in Quininí, Colombia with the herpetofauna of their region and on How the microhabitat and activity pattern of an Andean lizard specie (Stenocercus trachycephalus) changed across an altitudinal gradient. She was the coordinator of the Herpetology research group of the National University of Colombia (Herpetos UN) under the supervision of Dr Martha Lucia Calderón Espinoza during the year 2020. Between degrees, Tatiana worked on scientific divulgation and as a Teaching Assistant at the Data Science for All program in Colombia. In her free time, Tatiana enjoys traveling, playing sports, reading, and making youtube videos for her traveling vlog channel carol_trips.

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My name is Tatiana, I love strawberries, hiking, and traveling. My role in the IRES student society is Trip Coordinator, which means that I will plan the logistics of the IRES spring and fall trips together with the other Trip Coordinator Charly Philipps. We will plan where to go, what activities to do, how to get there, where to stay, and a lot more. Our top priorities are to make the trips accessible, inclusive, and affordable for all and to give you the chance to connect in a non-academic environment with the IRES community. We are always open to suggestions or ideas so feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ideas regarding the trips so we can make the trips a unique experience for you.