Brynley Hanson-Wright

Portrait photo of Brynley Hanson-Wright

Brynley Hanson-Wright

MSc with Jiaying Zhao, 2022

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Research Interests

Behavioral change, Science communication


Brynley was a MSc student at IRES supervised by Dr. Jiaying Zhao in the Behavioural Sustainability Lab and co-president of the IRES student society. She graduated in 2018 from McMaster University’s Honours Integrated Science program with a concentration in psychology, neuroscience, and behaviour. Her undergraduate thesis tested the efficacy of exercise breaks in university lectures to enhance attention, memory, and academic performance. Brynley’s Master’s research explored the use of various behavioural interventions, such as carbon footprint calculators and carbon price-tags, to encourage climate-friendly choices. More broadly, Brynley is interested in research at the cross-sections of science communication, environmental protection, outdoor recreation, and the psychological benefits of nature-contact. Prior to joining IRES, Brynley worked for BC Wildfire Service and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Outside of school, Brynley can be found on a mountain or a river: backpacking, ski touring, cycling, and canoe tripping.

Last updated May 2022