Brian Wang

Portrait photo of Brian Wang

Brian Wang

MSc Student, IRES Student Society Trip Coordinator, 2022-2023

Research Interests

Climate change, Geosciences


Brian is a MSc student in the UBC Ecohydrology Lab supervised by Dr. Mark Johnson. His research focuses on identifying physical (evasion transport) and chemical (carbonate system) controls on CO2 emissions from a forested stream in UBC Malcolm Knapp Research Forest. He is developing a dissolved CO2 measurement method, with improved sampling frequency and accuracy, to analyze water-air carbon interactions in finer detail. Evaluating physicochemical controls on carbon evasion will help to determine if these fluxes scale along with the accelerating hydrological cycle.

Brian graduated from UBC with a BSc in Environmental Sciences specializing in atmospheric science and hydrology. During this time, he was a part of the UBC Biometeorology and Soil Physics group working on projects characterizing energy, water and GHG (CO2, CH4, N2O) exchange over various agricultural fields. As a passion project, he compared the effectiveness of machine learning techniques (Bayesian neural network, regressions) in forcing energy balance closure. He then joined UBC Ecohydrology Lab to worked on the “Living laboratory for water sustainability in UBC Farm” project, investigating agricultural water use and crop water demand by deploying lab-made low-cost sensor systems. In his spare time, he enjoys training for his next rock climbing project.