Barry Momodou

Barry Momodou

MA Student
LiteFarm Project Coordinator 

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Research Interests

Food Security/Insecurity, Sustainability, Climate Change and Circular Economy


Barry is an MA student at the Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability (IRES) under the guidance of Dr. Hannah Wittman. His research focus is on understanding and mitigating food insecurity in developing countries. With an MBA in his educational arsenal, Barry is also the CEO and founder of the non-profit organization “Citizens of Earth,” headquartered in Taiwan. In 2019, he received a service award from the Minister of Education in Himachal Pradesh, making him the first African to achieve this recognition. Barry’s extensive global experience includes visiting 28 countries, reflecting his diverse perspective on food insecurity issues.

He passionately believes that addressing food insecurity is both a moral imperative and a basic human right. His approach centers on principles such as equality, sustainability, education, collaboration, empathy, advocacy, and community engagement. Barry’s philosophy underscores the absurdity of millions going to bed hungry in a world of plenty, emphasizing our collective responsibility to ensure a hunger-free world. Beyond his academic and non-profit endeavors, Barry enjoys travel, swimming, and scuba diving.

In summary, Barry is a dedicated and accomplished individual with a strong commitment to tackling food insecurity globally, leveraging his academic pursuits, non-profit leadership, and extensive international experiences to promote a more equitable and sustainable world with food security for all.