Paige Olmsted


I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at IRES and currently a visiting scholar at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. I completed my PhD at UBC in 2017, prior to which I had research positions at the United Nations Environment Program and the Earth Institute at Columbia University where I also completed a Master’s in Environmental Science and Policy. My broad interest in the intersection of conservation and sustainable development has led to collaborations with NGOs and multilateral organizations, and field work from tropical to polar settings.

My current research examines the role of incentives and values in facilitating norm change toward conservation action. I am particularly interested in promoting investment in conservation and the opportunities presented by social finance and innovative partnerships. To that end, at UBC we are creating a new platform to support local conservation initiatives called CoSphere, and at CBS we are developing an Impact for Innovation lab to support public and private sector partners in acheiving their environmental goals.