Yeonuk Kim

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Yeonuk Kim

PhD with Mark Johnson, 2023
IRES Postdoc

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Yeonuk Kim is a member of UBC Ecohydro Lab and a postdoctoral research fellow working with Professor Mark Johnson. His research interests include (1) evapotranspiration theory and land-atmosphere interactions, (2) micrometeorological measurements of turbulent heat, water vapour, and trace gas fluxes, (3) changes in the water and carbon cycles under anthropogenic climate change, (4) land surface and climate modelling, and (5) machine-learning applications to earth systems science. Currently, he is working on a project developing models for evapotranspiration and drought using satellite remote sensing, which is funded by the Canadian Space Agency. He obtained PhD degree from UBC, and his doctoral research focused on a land-atmosphere coupling theory and its applications in climate impact analyses. Previously, he received a BSc degree from Seoul National University, and then worked at the National Centre for AgroMeteorology in South Korea before joining the UBC.

Selected Publications: Google scholar, ResearchGate
More info: Github, CV