Student Research

Hummingbirds Can See Colors We Can’t Even Imagine, New Research Shows

RES PhD student Harold Eyster finds evidence of the ability to see “non-spectral” colors in hummingbirds.

Gidiku Vapathu: Going to the Forest

Gidiku Vapathu is an ethnographic research documentary about the Indigenous Kattunayakan (Nayaka) people of India co-directed by Helina Jolly and Priya Thuvassery as a part of Helina's PhD research. It was supported by the Institute for Resources Environment and Sustainability and UBC Public Scholars Initiative.

Don’t demonise farmers

Balsher Singh Sidhu, a PhD student at UBC's Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, wrote an article about agricultural burning and air pollution in North India.

The Future of Renewable Infrastructure is Uncertain Without Good Planning: Op-ed by IRES PhD Students, Vikas Menghwani and Sandeep Pai, and IRES Associate Faculty Member, Hisham Zerriffi

These photovoltaics panels provide this village with energy now, but they could become obsolete when the main grid arrives. (Shutterstock) Vikas Menghwani, University of British Columbia; Hisham Zerriffi, University of British Columbia, and Sandeep Pai, University of British Columbia In 2005, a small hydropower plant was installed in the Sukajaya district of West Java, Indonesia. […]

National Geographic Young Explorers Award Recipient: Helina Jolly

  Congratulation to IRES’ very own Helina Jolly for receiving the prestigious National Geographic Young Explorers award! This award is in support of Helina’s proposed project, “De-mystifying the Adivasi knowledge of forest and wildlife in India,” which will be used to help her conduct her field study on the Kattunayakar communities of the Western Ghats […]

Thar She Grows: A New Way to Tell a Gray Whale’s Age

RES master's student Selina Agbayani explores new, less invasive ways to determine a gray whale's age.

Want citizens to care about climate change? Write them a cheque

In an op-ed published by The Conversation, RES PhD student Abhishek Kar and IRES Faculty Associate Hisham Zerriffi argue that the best way to get people to act on climate change is through their wallets.

Hungry great blue herons in Stanley Park eating young salmon

RES Master's student Zachary Sherker finds evidence great blue herons in Stanley Park are feasting on young salmon. He discusses his research with The Province.

Unpacking social-ecological transformations: Conceptual, ethical and methodological insights

IRES current students and alumni team up in a new publication which highlights questions of justice, equity and ethics in transformations research.

Adaptation action and research in glaciated mountain systems: Are they enough to meet the challenge of climate change?

Graham McDowell, Rae Cramer, Vinni Ricciardi and colleagues highlight the shortcomings in adaptation action and research in mountain regions and identify measures needed to more fully meet the challenge of climate change.