Information for Reviewers

One of the aims of the WPS is to provide a timely and helpful means of getting work reviewed and made available for wider distribution and comment. As a result, reviewers are expected to complete the review in a 3-week period, allowing for fast turnaround and publication. To facilitate the review process, reviewers may consult the checklist below to assist in their review.


Reviewer guidelines:

  • Does the article address a timely or important issue relevant to sustainability?
  • Does the article present a clear position or thesis?
  • Is the article presented well and in clear, accessible language?
  • Does the author provide sufficient background and rationale for the article?
  • Does the author provide a clear argument and sense of where the article is going?
  • Does the author describe the scholarly literatures and/or practical issues that the article contributes to?
  • Does the author provide an adequate description of the methods followed (where applicable)?
  • Are the results of the research presented clearly?
  • Are the results tied back to literature and/or practical issues?
  • Does the author provide a sense of how the paper contributes to resolving sustainability issues?


The WPS also provides a means of soliciting feedback on IRES work through the open review process. All accepted submissions will be open to general comment, with no limit to the number of people who can “review” your article  (for a similar structure, visit In submitting our work for internal comment, we ensure a higher quality of our work prior to submission to academic or other journals.